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So... When Do I See The Doctor?


This account of the life of Dr. Kimberly Gilbert showcases the challenges of being a black female physician in America.  Practicing in Atlanta, a city known for its black presence, did not shield Dr. Gilbert from the stereotypes of being black and female in an often white and male-dominated field. This riveting account provides insight into her difficult plight navigating the stereotypes and prejudices from colleagues and patients alike.

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Dr. Gilbert’s experiences of overwhelming exclusion, and her constant battle to feel valued in her profession, draws the reader into her world while showcasing her courage and determination. As Dr. Gilbert faces complex social and cultural difficulties, she illustrates the existence of prejudices and racism in her field, but successfully highlights how she has been able to push past those boundaries. 

By sharing her story about her modest beginnings, strong and supportive upbringing, and personal struggles and triumphs, Dr. Gilbert invites readers into her journey while also becoming their voice.  She created this outstanding memoir and self-help book to provide hope to other black minorities who are pursuing a career in the medical field, as well as to those in other career fields who are facing the same challenges.  This insightful and inspiring account is sure to initiate impactful and open conversations about racial disparities in healthcare that have been ignored for far too long. 

So... When Do

Children's Books

As the mother of energetic twin girls who love to read, Dr. Gilbert enjoys writing books that empower, entertain, and uplift children.  Using beautiful illustrations and relatable characters, she inspires children to feel confident in themselves, find joy in things big and small, and learn the many valuable lessons that life has to offer. Please see her titles below under her "alias", Dr. Kimberly Keith.

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Hair Odor Neutralizing Mist

Nourish your hair and eliminate odors with a natural odor-eliminating mist for your hair that works with all types of hair. 

When you live an active lifestyle, your hair can start to pick up a few odors as you go about your busy life.  In fact, miss washing it a day or two and before you know it, your hair smells like that amazing night you had at the club with friends, the smoke from your favorite bar, or all the sweat that poured out when you were working out at the gym.


That’s why we want to help keep it smelling fresh and clean while looking beautifully radiant with physician-formulated Simone Skye Beauty® Hair Odor Neutralizing Mist.

This product keeps selling out on Amazon so please contact us directly if you cannot find it on Amazon or Amazon says it is out of stock.

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