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Welcome to the "My Friend's a Doctor" Blog

Welcome to my new blog, MY FRIEND'S A DOCTOR! Over the past 20+ years, I've been asked for advice by so many people who consider me a knowledgeable confidante who they can speak candidly to in a safe space. During this time, I've noticed that many people struggle with or are curious about the same things. It made me wonder how many more people have questions but are too shy or embarrassed to ask even their closest friends. So, I decided to start a blog with a platform designed to be an educational and entertaining place for me to answer (and ask) questions presented to me by you, the community, aka my "friends".

In each post, I will provide my professional and personal thoughts on many different topics presented to me: medical conditions, healthy living, relationships, other lifestyle topics, and so much more! From time to time, I will have special guest contributors who will be experts in that topic.

If you have any particular questions or topics that you would love for me to discuss, please email me at

or message me on Instagram @KimberlyGilbertMD

Talk to you soon, my friends!


Kimberly Gilbert MD


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